DJ / Producer / Singer / Songwriter


"Looking at you"
"Guitarra del sol"
"Can’t you see - Tom Silver feat Lola Pour"

re-edit „Paper Aeroplane - Angus & Julia Stone" (only for promotion on SoundCloud)

She specializes in deep, tech and clubhouse, in combination with classics and mashups.

Lola Pour fell in love with the diversity & possibilities of music at the age of 12.
The first experiments started with a keyboard & later with a computer. The necessary know-how was acquired, and she started to produce which resulted in several productions and re-edit's. She's a DJ & Producer since 2010, performed in nearly every club hotspot in Austria & on national TV-Show Cafe Puls on "Puls4", Festivals, in Ibiza, Dubai, Turkey and many more.

Lola Pour played in large halls like Forum Karlin in Prague, Torino, Austria, and she also played for companies like H&M, Clinique...

While she was looking for a singer for her productions, she did find out that she has an awesome voice and so she started her new career as a DJ, singer, songwriter in 2020